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Lc 12012 is a colognebased electronic music independent record. Check out pop ambient 2001 from kompakt on beatport. Check out pop ambient 2018 from kompakt on beatport. Matias aguayo returns to the warm bosom of colognes kompakt label the imprint on which he first made his name for his first outing of 2014. The typically atmospheric legende is not a great departure musically his usual skewed pop, minimal techno, subtle new wave guitars, fuzzy electronica and woozy ambient influences are all present and correct but it is decidedly impressive. As one of the first to break the mould, lohmann has shaped kompakt s early ambient sound in a decisive manner. Pop ambient, kompakts longestrunning compilation series after total, sees its 2017 installment. Doublelp version includes 44page art book with the whole distinctive coverseries.

Pop ambient is programmed poetry, field data processing it is like a sweet way of getting drunk without having a hangover, because kompakt knows how to slow it down like none other. Pop ambient 2020 kompaktcd155d edm waves free download. Kompakt as a label has brought diversity of sound with a strong focus on the electronic side of the sonic spectrum. For pop ambient 2016, kompakt once again turned to a host of regulars for their take on sleepy, comforting sonics, with inclusions from the orb, jensuwe beyer, mikkel metal and wolfgang voigt. Gone, for the most part, are the modern classical leanings of artists like sylvain chaveau, or the blackhearted metallic scrapings the fun years. This video features all thirteen tracks of the compilation, mixed by chief curator wolfgang voigt. Since its inception in 2001, each entry in the pop ambient series has included its year of conception in its title, an irony in the fact that many consider the music being timeless in more than one way. And at the same time, there is this fast moving, rebellious brother techno regarded as being its. The label used to run its own digital download store at, which according to mayer was one of the. Includes unlimited streaming of pop ambient 2020 via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

Dec 10, 20 klimek let the snakes crinkle their heads to death pop ambient 2005 album duration. Pop ambient is indulging the beauty and the timelessness. As a record store, kompakt has been linking the past, present and future of colognes house and techno sound since for 25 years. Due in no small part to the series curator wolfgang voigt, each installment was able to create a conclusive narrative, succesfully deploying new talent alongside household names. But with all of the conceptual unity and resolution, pop ambient would not be kompakt without the break, the friction, the expansion of musical boundaries in between tradition and innovation, in between conspiracy and the openness of the discourse. Falling leaves, log fires, mittens and pop ambient releases all signal the coming pleasures of winter. Pop ambient is the orchid in the pleasure garden of ambient music. Unlike kompakts annual total collections, which function as barometers of technos fickle tastes, no one seems concerned with. Always entering the year in style, kompakt deliver their pop ambient installment for 2011. Markus guenter opens the record up with the cinematic. The time has come once again to treat your ears to kompakt s annual compilation of lush drones and beautiful ambient soundscapes. The fact that the variety of pop ambient has been growing slowly as only some ingredients were added over the years proves the implicit timelessness inherent in pop ambient. Always the first to arrive of kompakt s two annual compilations, pop ambient has showcased the cologne labels pursuit of celestial electronic music every january since 2001.

Through its course, kompakt has sent around the world, all kinds of subgenres, concept series and crossover adventures based on the non negotiable 44 beat. Va pop ambient 2020 kompaktcd155d edm waves free download. It has provided special oneoff releases, as well as sub label treats. Nov 23, 2019 their annual pop ambient series, from the start, has remained a place for recognised label mates and associates to release music thats still appealing to the masses while remaining leftfield, avant garde and easy on the ears. Glistening, glittering collection from colognes mighty kompakt family, featuring tracks from wolfgang voigt, olaf dettinger, jorg burger and many more. We specialise in finding the highest quality products regardless of format or genre. Marsen jules is up first with the sound of one lip kissing, riffing on a single repeating chord that leaves vapour trails of ambience and flickering percussion behind it. Wolfgang voigt gas plucks out 12 airy beauties from kompakt s ranks for pop ambient 2019. Pop has since been reissued in 2016 as a part of gas box now out of print and finally now, pop is released on kompakt for the first time on 3lp vinyl in its original artwork. Kompakt begin their 2010 with the latest pop ambient collection, featuring exclusive cuts from wolfgang voigt, dj koze, thomas fehlmann and the orb among other key contributors to the much loved series.

Pop ambient 2003 by various artists, released 18 november 2002 1. As we head into a new decade of sound it s a safe feeling to know that as genres evolve and change we have kompakt to guide us through such times. I preordered the latest, which ive been awaiting with great anticipation, and im really happy with this years offering. The label, a fundamental proponent in giving dance music the accessibility and popularity is has today, has always had its finger on the pulse when it comes to introducing new ideas and genre concepts going forward. Instead, pop ambient 2014 is the fluffiest, most cushioned set of zoneouts in the series recent history. Indeed, saties directionless modal harmonies, simple rhythmic devices, repetition and lack of resolution are all key features of contemporary ambient music. Download free va pop ambient 2020 kompakt, released on kompakt, tagged in electronica downtempo download in 320kbps. The sixth edition of kompakt s highlyanticipated yearly ambient experiment, that includes new tracks specific to this compilation. The 18 tracks on pop ambient 2020 cover typically wide ground new age, drone, and naturally, good old fashioned ambient and features luminaries and newcomers of the kompakt family, like gen pop, yui onodera, leandro fresco, and multiple. Includes unlimited streaming of pop ambient 2001 via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Each year the familiar chimes, bells, gaseous clouds and falling rain reveal the cosier regions of electronic music each year different but same. Kompakt newsletter stay in the loop and subscribe to our webshop newsletter. If last years edition of kompakt s annual pop ambient series found the label swapping out many of the names that had helped them build the popular brand for newbies like sylvain chaveau, tim hecker and the great mopeydrone duo the fun yearsand in turn presenting arguably the series most organic and neoclassical set to date pop ambient 2010.

Pan is a textbook example of a classical piece of pop ambient music. Beside kompakt s renowned and indispensable protagonists of this movement think markus guentner, ulf lohmann, klimek and triola, there are some new names amongst this years challengers. Without a doubt, the 100% kickdrumfree pop ambient series is the most endearing and enduring concept that i have had the pleasure to curate. Ulf lohmanns sicht puffs out a silky, chiming melody, while thomas fehlmanns treatment. Successful ambient music is also about dichotomies, of the darkness below the surface, and being as ignorable as it is interesting, as brian eno once put it. Va pop ambient 2018 kompakt last updated nov 19, 2017 52. Explore releases from the kompakt pop ambient label. Kompakt celebrates 20 years of the pop ambient series with pop ambient 2020. We say this every year but pop ambient 2010 is better than ever before. Pop ambient is a sonic cosmos of attitude for itself and has no fears of contact with adjoining genres nor with kitsch, art or carnival. Discover whats missing in your discography and shop for kompakt pop ambient releases. Per usual, the th edition presents downtempo cuts from wellknown members of the kompakt family, plus new productions from a few old hands.

Pop ambient 2018 alex fireman 10 march 1 comments ambient downtempo, electronic chuck johnson, fresco. And for all of the old and young fans and collectors there is the pop ambient 2001 in a overhauled original version out on vinyl for the very first time. Includes unlimited streaming of pop ambient 2019 via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Pop ambient 2019 by kompakt free listening on soundcloud. Im a follower of the kompakt pop ambient series, with all of them either on cd or download. Pop ambient as a term and soundphilosophy has evolved as a solidsized contender in the ambient world. The more experimental membership of the kompakt roster reconvene for another instalment in the pop ambient series, always one of the highlights in kompakt s year. Aestheticism, escapism, acting in the spirit of nevertheless. Kompakt s pop ambient series has long recognised this balance, and.

Since its inception in 2001, the pop ambient compilation series has played host to an incessantly growing pool of highly distinctive artists, yet somehow managed to stay focussed on its overarching aesthetic ideas. Electronic, techno, electro, house, experimental, grime, dubstep, hip hop, alternative, indie, and many more. Yet, out of all the myriad releases and flavors of kompakt, it is the pop ambient series that has remained a north star in the labels total cannon. Nov 22, 2019 va pop ambient 2020 kompaktcd155d artist. Download new club compilation kompakt germany pop ambient 2019 2018 mp3 from. Label coowner wolfgang voigt takes prominence with two further versions of ruckverzauberung and a luxurious remix of michael mayers sully from the mantasy album, thematically complemented by. This is probably kompakt s biggest strength that we can detect these pop traces and give them a home. Pop ambient 2020 is released digital, as cd and of course as a chic double vinyl. The typically atmospheric legende is not a great departure musically his usual skewed pop, minimal techno, subtle new wave guitars, fuzzy electronica and woozy ambient influences are all present and correct but it is decidedly. Various artistspop ambient 2020 lpkompakt vinyl records.

Includes unlimited streaming of pop via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in. The mainstays nestle besides newer kompakt signees like leandro fresco and anton kubikov. Wolfgang voigt gas wraps up the 20th edition of kompakts perennial pop ambient series, studded with wistful. The whole distinctive coverseries as an art book of 44 pages. Klimek let the snakes crinkle their heads to death pop ambient 2005 album. The pop relates, perhaps, to a fondness for the brighter hues of pop music than those found on brian enos ambient cornerstones, but all seven pop ambient volumes have adhered to. This time round contributions come from klimek, dj koze, the field and wolfgang voigt among others, and as ever the dominant aesthetic is one of luscious, effulgent soundscaping. Various artists pop ambient 2020 kompakt 410 by kompakt. This years pop ambient pulls together quite a lineup tim hecker, sylvain chauveau, the fun years, klimek, mint aka wolfgang voigt. Pop ambient 2020 various artists to stream in hifi, or to download in true cd quality on.

Bleep we sell the best music from the best record labels and artists in the world. Nov 22, 2019 pop ambient 2020 is released digital, as cd and of course as a chic double vinyl. Kompakt has been noted for releases enriching abstract techno tracks with pop elements such as vocals mayer has stated that we grew up with pop music and really like traces of pop in techno music. His piece jackson is borne by a slightly uncanny, spherical voice floating above a jazzy pop accord coolness and faintly 70ies sequencer aesthetics. Pop ambient 2020 kompaktcd155d compilation 2019 edm.

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