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Take a peek into the very interesting world of ancient india. Sep 22, 2018 in this course, shreyaa sharma will briefly cover indus valley civilization which will be helpful in solving mcqs in upsc latest pattern and gs mains paper 1. Geography what rivers helped sustain the four river valley civilizations. According to me, reading a book is like exploring space within a boundary walls, which does not make sense. This ready to use mapping indus valley will give students a multi step mapping activity on the river valley civilization of indus valley ancient india. This mapping activity is on the ancient river valley civilizations. This activity is in digital form and can be used with your 1. Priests are most likely to pray for good harvests and safety from floods.

Originating in the tibetan plateau in the vicinity of lake manasarovar, the river runs a course through the ladakh region of india, towards gilgitbaltistan and then flows in a southerly direction along the entire length of pakistan to merge into the. The indus civilization apparently evolved from the villages of neighbours or predecessors, using the mesopotamian model of irrigated agriculture with sufficient skill to reap the advantages of the spacious and fertile indus river valley while controlling the formidable annual flood that simultaneously fertilizes and destroys. Indus river, indus river map india map, map of india. Contemporaneous with ancient egypt and mesopotamia, the indus valley civilization was, as the name suggests, centered around the indus river basin. You will then divide up into groups to create presentations about the problems in the indus river. I n d u s r i v e r s u t l e j r i v e r n a r m a d a r i v e r chenab ri ver khyber pass h i n d u k u s h h i m a l a y a s thar desert mohenjo daro harappa kalibangan lothal india. Here are the activities included within this resource. This is a fun and engaging activity in which students will learn, research and analyze all about the indus river valley civilization. The indus valley civilization of ancient india timemaps. Jul 05, 2017 in this lesson we would be seeing about the indus valley civilisation upsc lesson and harappa, mohenjodaro civilisation both are referring to the sindh river civilisation only.

The indus valley civilization may have been the first in world history to use wheeled transport. Indus valley civilisation upsc lesson harappa, mohenjodaro. The largest city of the indus river valley civilization and believed to be one of the worlds earliest major urban centers. Indus river valley civilizations if youre seeing this message, it means were having trouble loading external resources on our website. The indus river valley civilization, also known as harappan civilization, developed the first accurate system of standardized weights and measures, some as accurate as to 1. Teachers network seeks to improve student learning by helping teachers integrate webbased lessons into their instructional practice.

Size and major sites of the indus valley civilization. Indus valley civilization was one of the worlds first great civilizations. As another activity, you can partake in a meeting so you can learn about the environmental threats affecting the indus river. Special education students participate in a smart board activity which includes map work and the geography of the river valley.

This civilization is sometimes called the harappan civilization. Browse indus valley civilization map activity resources on teachers. The book shows a detailed analysis of facts and finishes nicely with a good. These were bullock carts identical to those seen throughout india and pakistan today. Read the indus valley civilization article to complete the following activities to learn about the geography of ancient india. Archeologists think that these artifacts uncovered at mohonjodaro were used to play games. Most of the boats were probably river craft, small, flatbottomed boats perhaps with a sail, similar to those plying the indus river today. The indus river valley civilizations boundless world history. What are some good books about the indus valley civilization. You will work cooperatively to complete the map of ancient india. Learn all about the indus valley with your year 4 class.

It began to flourish about 4,600 years ago and was centered in the vast river plains of what are now pakistan and northwestern india. Ancient river valley civilizations mapping activity includes explicit instructions on how to complete the map as well as questions based on the map along with knowledge based questions ancient river valley civilizations. All students need to complete the assignment is a world history textbook, historical atlas, or the internet. This indus river valley lesson plan is suitable for 3rd 6th grade. The sewer system made it possible for the rich and 10 have in their homes. Aryans comes from religious books known as the vedas, which. The small quail can be folded down the line that runs along their backs, and used as the small herd that outsmarts the hunter in the story. If youre behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains.

Copper tools farmers used these tools for tasks such as weeding and leveling soil. Ancient river valley civilizations complete document for both sessions of ancient river valley civilizations. Indus civilization, also called indus valley civilization or harappan civilization, the. This flip book activity can be used in both an interactive notebook, or printed. River valley civilizations loudoun county public schools. All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.

Indus valley civilization indus valley civilization was one of the worlds first great civilizations. This download features interactive notebook pages all about ancient china and the indus river valley civilizations. This is a fun way to introduce students to the indus river valley. This book very nicely depicts the cultural history of india among other things.

This is a wonderful book, a triumphant mix of history and travel told in a very engaging way. Your children will discover all about this amazing ancient civilisation through a variety of fun activities. Teachers network leadership institute tnli was comprised of hundreds of teachers from affiliates nationwide. The indus valley civilization was an ancient civilization located in what is pakistan and northwest india today, on the fertile flood plain of the indus river and its vicinity.

Using the directions on the map, locate and label the himalayas, ajanta, harappa, mohenjodaro, deccan plateau, indus river, ganges river, eastern ghats, western ghats and the gangetic plain. Locate on a world map the sites of the first four river valley civilizations discussed. Indus river valley civilization flip book digital and paper flip. Following a tradition in archaeology, the civilisation is sometimes referred to as the harappan, after its type site, harappa, the first site to be excavated in the 1920s.

Indus river valley civilization flip book digital and paper river. Indus valley civilization activity 1 historys histories. Indus valley civilization pdf important points short. A lap book that will help summarize the most important facts about the indus valley civilization. How have archaeologists learned about the indus valley civilization. Special class indus valley civilization history, location. Any high school world history book which includes a section or chapter on the indus valley civilization make sure that the textbook or other source used includes a map, and geographical description of the indus valley physical map of india. The authors also describe the aryan invasion of india at the time of indus. In this course, shreyaa sharma will briefly cover indus valley civilization which will be helpful in solving mcqs in upsc latest pattern and gs mains paper 1. These amazing interactive notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldables, popups, timelines, and more. List characteristics of life in each of the four major river valley civilizations. Indus river valley lesson plan for 3rd 6th grade lesson.

The indus river rivers in world history book 1 and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. It flows through china western tibet, india and pakistan. Indus river valley civilizations article khan academy. As in other regions, civilization along the indus river began with agriculture. The people who lived along the indus river developed one of the worlds first great urban civilizations. Provide students can be completed in groups with laminated maps or blank world maps, markers, a copy of the resources, and map activity directions. Early ancient river valley civilizations 4000 bce suggested timeline. Indus valley civilization map, harappa and mohenjodaro. It began nearly 5,000 years ago in an area of modernday pakistan and northern india. There are many exciting activities in this book course that will make learning about ancient history enjoyable, while improving students critical thinking skills. Indus valley civilization was an ancient civilization that thrived along the course of indus river in northwestern part of indian subcontinent it is also referred to as harappan civilization owing to the fact that this civilization was first discovered in 1921 at the modern site of harappa situated in the punjab province punjab of current day. Government and economy religion archaeologists believe the culture of the civilization was a theocracy. Read and learn for free about the following article. A great addition to your library if you homeschool.

Indus civilization, the earliest known urban culture of the indian subcontinent. Having obtained a secure foothold on the plain and mastered its more. Indus valley civilizations presentation for 6th 8th. Lesson summary the rivers of india and the seasonal monsoons helped. Use a light color to highlight the indus river valley. Drainage the indus river features a total catchment basin of more than 1,165,000 square km. Find out about different cities in the indus valley. Study the map of india, then answer the three questions on your handout. Indus river valley civilization by amira yazghi on prezi. Oregon city schools 6th7th grade bilingual social studies. Look at the map above to locate where each of the artifacts was found at the. There are 11 documents, including maps, charts and pictures. This is a large file and should be downloaded rightclick on link and viewed in adobe reader. Learn about the rise of a new culture in the indus.

The indus civilisation started almost 5,000 years ago. The range of the indus valley civilization and map. Together with ancient egypt and mesopotamia, it was one of three early civilisations of the near east and south asia, and of the three, the most widespread, its sites spanning an area stretching from. This indus valley civilizations presentation is suitable for 6th 8th grade. These slides provide insight into the geography, climate, social structure, architecture, and trade skills of ancient indus valley dwellers. Isbn 9789231027192 the indus civilization diji cultural type that is widely spread as evidenced by the excavations at sarai kala, 12gumla, rahman dheri, 14 on the indus plain, near dera ismail khan, and several other placesinthepunjab. Station h my ideas archeologists ideas from the reading this picture shows dice, carved bans of stone. Harappa was the name of the first indus river valley civilization archaeological site to be excavated, in modernday pakistan. Each lesson in this history planning pack contains a plan, slideshow, worksheets, resources and activity ideas. So to help with the retelling, we created this indus river hunter with net in hand.

I do not recommend a book for reading indus valley civilization or archaeology for that matter. Map showing the indus valley civilization harappa, mohenjodaro, mehrgarh and lothal with current countriy boundaries. There will also be an expert on the species around the indus river on the boat if you have any questions. The urban development in the indus valley introduced the pattern of the earliest urbanization in this part. India indus valley civilization activity historys historiesyou.

Indus valley civilization facts for kids kiddle encyclopedia. Science activities, science notebooks, interactive notebooks, teaching maps. The book brings forward 17 arguments disapproving the aryan invasion theory of the indus valley civilization. Archae ologists call this civilization the harappan culture or. What desert is located east of the indus river valley. Indus valley ks2 national history, published by commonwealth institute, 1996 junior focus, indus valley issue, no.

Ancient river valley civilizations mapping activity. Life in the ancient indus river valley peoples of the ancient world paperback. History in the indus river valley followed the same pattern as in sumer and egypt. Harappans created sculpture, seals, pottery, and jewelry from materials, such as terracotta, metal, and stone. This activity uses documents to teach the basics about the ancient river valley civilizations of mesopotamia, egypt, indus river valley and shang china. The indus valley ancient world history, indus valley. Students examine and describe the course of the indus river.

Indus valley civilization ancient history encyclopedia. The indus valley the harappan or indus civilization the fertility of the indus valley lured farmers to the rivers banks in about 2500 b. The indus valley was home to one of the worlds first large civilisations. Some of the main sites that flourished between 3500 and 1700 bce. Farming settlements began around 4000 bce and around 3000 bce there appeared the first signs of urbanization. The other indus valley city known at that time was harappa, discovered in 1826. This flip book activity can be used in both an interactive notebook, or printed separately and. In addition, students need to use the documents to support historical statements. Oct 30, 20 the indus valley civilization was an ancient civilization located in what is pakistan and northwest india today, on the fertile flood plain of the indus river and its vicinity. Tnli fellowsteachers with fulltime classroom teaching responsibilitiesresearched policy issues and. Mohenjodaro, which scholars believe means hill of the dead, was an an. The indus valley civilization included a variety of ethnic groups and it flourished for 800.

The indus valley civilisation ivc was a bronze age civilisation in the northwestern regions of south asia, lasting from 3300 bce to 0 bce, and in its mature form from 2600 bce to 1900 bce. This matching quiz activity contains twenty vocabulary words and key terms relating to the topic of ancient indus river valley civilization. If you are not using story of the world, but would still like to incorporate this ancient indian folktale into your indian unit, then you can find the story retold here, at little green lampshades. Life in the ancient indus river valley peoples of the ancient world. An activity packet for use in your ancient india or indus river valley history unit, this free packet was designed specifically to offer additional helpful supplements. The indus river is 3,180 kilometers 1,976 miles long and it is also the longest river in pakistan. Some of the vocabulary words included are monsoons, hindu kush, harappa, trade, ganges river, metallurgy, cities, in. In 1842 charles masson wrote a book that mentioned the sites of indus valley civilisation. Go on an expedition with famous explorer professor indus find the game under activities on the page at this link meet professor indus. In this lesson we would be seeing about the indus valley civilisation upsc lesson and harappa, mohenjodaro civilisation both are referring to the sindh river civilisation only.

Evidence of religious practices in this area date back approximately to 5500 bce. The indus valley civilisation is named after the indus river system in whose alluvial plains the early sites of the civilisation were identified and excavated. The indus river also called the sindhu is one of the longest rivers in asia. Another name for the indus river valley civilization. In other words, it was a society where priests rule because they represent god. Ancient india drawing conclusions notes on indus river valley civ.

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